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At Audibliss, our goal is to create a dynamic, modern and high end music experience for MaKiin that doesn’t take away from the exquisite cuisine, but compliments it. While captivating customers, keeping them engaged, and influencing them to purchase that extra drink.

With our innovative approach and deep understanding of music, we aim to offer a music service that is curated specifically for MaKiin. We aim to compile a catalogue of music curations that create a high end experience, remain enjoyable for both customers and staff, and is continually updated to stay fresh and relevant.

Our plan is to incorporate two music "vibes" to choose from, consisting of: Opening and Late Night. Additionally, we have included a list of music that will NOT be included in the musical experience for MaKiin at the end of this document.


The Opening vibe is intended for when MaKiin first opens its doors to the public. During this time, there may not be as many customers, so the energy level of this playlist will be relatively lower compared to the rest. The purpose of this music vibe is to provide enjoyable and engaging music without being distracting from the food. 

These songs will be a lower BPM (Beats per Minute) and the genres of music to be included in this vibe are lo-fi and soft house with little to no vocals.

Here are some examples:




The Happy Hour vibe is for times when MaKiin is busy and a good fun energy is needed to push sales. These songs will have a higher BPM (Bears per minute) and will incorporate a slightly higher energy than the Opening curation.

This vibe includes tracks from the following genres:  Chill House with some vocals, and some all around vibey tracks from indie artists.

Here are some examples:




Here are some genres and examples of what we will NOT put in the music selections:



These selections and genres are not the final end-all, be-all of the music selection at Makiin. If there is any particular genre of music you would like us to add, please feel free to let us know!

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